Meet Your Nutrition Educators

Sarah Castro and Sarah Rearick

Sarah Rearick (right) was born a Texas native and attends Texas Tech University as a Nutrition major with an emphasis on pre-professional health and a Chemistry minor. Sarah is the President of Tech Habitat, the Texas Tech University student chapter of Habitat for Humanity and is a member of TTU Pre-Pharmacy Club and plays rugby for Texas Tech Womens’ Rugby Club. On the weekends Sarah can be found working at CVS as she completes her pharmacy internship as she hopes to attend pharmacy school once she graduates with her bachelors degree.

Sarah Castro (left) graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelor of Arts in Health and Sustainable Food Systems.  She currently runs a small cottage bakery and pop-up street food kitchen, focused on organic, natural, healthy foods that are based on traditional recipes, but with a modern, creative twist. (Sarita’s Organic Tortillas & Small World Oven)

Did you know that SPFB provides nutrition classes? Through a partnership with the SNAP program, our  nutrition educators provide cooking demonstrations, food budget classes, diabetic management classes and tasting demonstrations for adult clients as well as attending GRUB classes and our Kids Cafe sites. Nutrition education provides opportunities for families to learn how to cook healthy meals, manage diabetes/other health concerns, and also reduce health risks associated with poor nutrition. 

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