The Team Behind the South Plains Food Bank

David_WeaverDavid Weaver - Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of the South Plains Food Bank, David Weaver works with an outstanding team of staff and volunteers who passionately care about ending hunger and finding solutions to food insecurity. Together they collect and distribute donated food and serve as a voice for the hungry. David has been the Executive Director of the Food Bank since 1997. Prior to his involvement with the South Plains Food Bank, David attended Texas Tech for his BA and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for his MA. From the moment he first set foot in the Food Bank, he fell in love with the people we serve as well as the staff and volunteers who work daily to provide food and hope for the hungry. He recognizes the chance he has to make a difference in someone’s life and has never lost that passion. Outside the Food Bank David enjoys reading, traveling with his wife, Keren, and running. He has a lengthy list of other organizations he is involved with including The Rotary Club of Lubbock, Second Baptist Church, Lions Club and the Texas Food Bank Network. His passion and enthusiasm for helping the hungry produces a dedicated and driven team who dream of seeing hunger alleviated across the South Plains.

Susan_Horkey_300pxSusan Horkey - Chief Financial Officer

Susan Horkey is the Chief Financial Officer of the South Plains Food Bank and holds a degree in Finance from the University of Texas. Originally she played the role of treasurer for our board of directors, but transitioned to her current role in 2004 when the Food Bank’s growth required it. Susan is the head of our financial department and is key in making decisions to expand the Food Bank’s programs. When she is not handling checkbooks, passing audits, or managing money, Susan thoroughly enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling. Susan has an adventurous spirit and makes time to go kayaking, fishing, or hiking as much as possible. Although she appreciates travel and spending time outside, she believes in the mission of the Food Bank here at home and wants to help people facing hunger. Susan works meticulously to make sure the food bank doors will continue to stay open for our neighbors in need.


Lyn_Garcia_300pxLyn Garcia - Chief Development Officer

As the Chief Development Officer, Lyn Garcia’s bubbly personality compliments her responsibilities of coordinating and implementing strategies to develop donor relationships. Lyn also writes grants and secures community financial partners who support the mission of the South Plains Food Bank. Her years of commitment to the Food Bank and her previous career in nonprofits reflect her passion to make a difference in others’ lives. Lyn understands how life can change in an instant, as her life did when her husband died suddenly when she was in her forties. She explains, “One minute things were going along great then one day you wake up and don’t know how you will make it through life. The individuals we serve are going through unexpected struggles and difficulties just like I did." When she’s not at the Food Bank, Lyn enjoys traveling to see her grandchildren, attending Broadway musicals, and remodeling her home. Lyn dreams of ending of hunger across the South Plains by securing sustainable funding and constructing lasting relationships that link people of compassion with people in need.


meagan.jpgMeagan Bratton - DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT

As the Director of Development, Meagan Bratton works closely with the Chief Development Officer and oversees all Development staff to manage the day to day operations of the Development Department. This includes helping our Sustainable Fundraising Team, organizing tours of our various food bank facilities, coordinating special events, and engaging the community in the work of the organization. She loves and is dedicated to the mission of the food bank and has had many roles in the organization. In her down time, Meagan enjoys time with her family. She enjoys all things active and outdoors, including playing sports, fishing at the lake and working out. She is also heavily involved in her children’s schools. The exuding passion she has for her family overflows into her job as she is driven by her goal of preventing families from experiencing hunger and lifting them up to be sustainable on their own.

Berry_Massey_300pxBerry Massey - Volunteer Services Manager

Berry Massey is originally from New Mexico but has lived in Lubbock since 2000. He is the Manager of Volunteer Services for the South Plains Food Bank and has been since August 2010. Without him, the food bank could not effectively take in over 8,000 volunteers a year. When he’s not busy scheduling volunteers, tracking hours, or liaising between volunteers and staff, Berry dedicates his time to his godson, Connor. He loves to play video games with Connor or take him to see movies. Berry also enjoys keeping up with his favorite sports teams. Connor was diagnosed at 22 months with diabetes, inspiring Berry to further his education on the disease and prompted his participation in previous Diabetes walks. The same passion Berry has to see a cure for diabetes is seen mirrored in his desire to achieve the Food Bank’s goal of ending hunger. Berry aims to educate those who volunteer at the food bank on good nutrition and the effects it has on children.


Brenda_Hayes_300pxBrenda Hayes - Director of Food Bank Operations

Brenda Hayes is the Director of Food Bank Operations and Administration and has been with the South Plains Food Bank since 1990. She is intimately involved behind the scenes of the Food Bank, including filing all the necessary paperwork and keeping the building in working order. Brenda keeps the Food Bank compliant with our growing list of requirements from various state and federal entities. She is dedicated to what she does, often staying much longer than our 5 p.m. closing time. Brenda, with her sister, looks after her father. Brenda is very involved with her family and somehow manages to find time to be an aunt to 11 nieces and nephews, and a great aunt to 4 great nieces. One day she dreams of taking a train tour through the Canadian Rockies, seeing the sights. Even though she longs to travel, her heart and workmanship remain dedicated to the Food Bank as we work hard to reach all families in need on the South Plains.




Trine_Jackson_300pxTrine Solis-Jackson - Director of Agency Services

As the Director of Agency Services, Trine Solis- Jackson recruits, orients and monitors food bank agencies and maintains necessary files. She establishes positive, successful relationships with our partnering agencies and is involved with several outreach programs. Her job mainly consists of making sure all agencies are working together with the Food Bank to resourcefully and effectively reach everyone needing assistance in our large service area. Trine often goes with our Mobile Pantry deliveries to help and talk with our agencies or neighbors in need. She organizes our annual agency conference and attributes her success to her personal mission of fulfilling God’s desire for her to feed people and give them hope. At the end of a busy day, Trine enjoys spending time with her family and indulging in BRAVO reality shows or Lifetime movies. In her time away from the Food Bank, she helps run the Slaton Youth Flag Football League and volunteers with the Slaton ISD Athletic department. Trine’s goal is to connect our rural communities so that those who are most vulnerable to hunger will have hope.


Niel copy-1.jpgNiel Moore - Director of Human Resources

Niel Moore joined the Food Bank as the Director of Human Resources in 2014. Niel works with managers to assure that their department is staffed properly and is always available for counsel. Originally from New Mexico, she received her Bachelors of Business Administration from New Mexico State and then spent over 30 years in the banking business. As HR, Niel is responsible for employee benefits, working with vendors concerning benefits, and employee records. She truly believes in the Food Bank’s mission to alleviate hunger and considers us lucky to have had founding benefactors with vision. When Niel is not busy assisting employees and working with managers, she cherishes free time with her husband, son and grandson. Taking a long trip to Italy is on her bucket list. She is also an active member of First United Methodist Church and the Generations Sunday School class. For Niel, helping employees is just like helping our neighbors in need and she aims to support the Food Bank’s staff so they can effectively combat hunger and empower others in our community.




Mary_Solis_300pxMary Solis - Operations Manager

Mary Solis has been the South Plains Food Bank’s Operations Manager since 1996. She efficiently allocates personnel in the securing of pickups, deliveries, and donations of food as well as supervising the maintenance of our building and equipment. Mary is also manages creating our food boxes for our neighbors in need. Mary’s job allows the Food Bank to run smoothly, effectively and efficiently. Starting at the Food Bank in 1990, Mary has developed a history and heart for the Food Bank that few can parallel. Mary says, “It is amazing how many people we’re feeding. We are truly making a difference in their lives.” In her free time Mary enjoys cooking with and for her family. Her favorite recipe is tortillas. She cheers for her grandchildren on the sidelines of the Slaton Youth Flag Football League and sometimes prepares burritos to benefit the football team. Mary is an asset to the Food Bank and loves directly making an impact on people’s lives in our community.








Macy is the food bank’s Digital Marketing and Communications Manager. She graduated with a degree in Public Relations from Texas Tech University and looks forward to helping the food bank fulfill its mission of alleviating hunger while giving hope. Macy’s role includes promoting the food bank through social media, designing promotional items, and maintaining close relationships with media outlets in our communities. Macy has always been passionate about giving back or helping those in need and feels honored to have a job that allows her to do both. When she is not busy updating media, Macy loves spending time with her family, reading and drinking lots of coffee. She hopes to raise awareness of the food bank’s various programs, improve access to those in need of assistance, and encourage the public to get involved through donations and volunteerism.






Chef Roxanne Ancira, our Feeding Programs Director, has been in the restaurant industry since 1986. She got her start as a franchise trainer for Kentucky Fried Chicken in Lubbock, Texas and then went on to a management position for Rosa’s Café. Roxanne’s love for the culinary arts was spurred by her start in the food industry, prompting her to begin culinary training in July of 2011 at Le Cordon Bleu in Dallas, Texas. She had the opportunity to study under Chef Darren De La Rosa, where she assisted with teaching the Master Chef courses at the Dallas Campus. Roxanne graduated with honors in September 2012, after completing her externship at Top Tier Catering at Texas Tech University. She was then offered the Executive Chef position with Top Tier Catering where she worked for two years before accepting a role at Seminole Memorial Hospital as Executive Chef. As her favorite quote by Chef Mark Garcia says, “A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” Roxanne looks forward to sharing this philosophy with the food bank kitchen and wants to provide hope along with a meal to those in need.






            Jenifer Smith - DIRECTOR OF Farm, Orchard and GRUB            Jenifer-1.jpg

Jenifer Smith is the Director of the Farm, Orchard, & GRUB division. Originally hired at the food bank in 2001 and retired in 2011, Jenifer has returned to her passion of growing both plants and kids in the GRUB program. Jenifer is in charge of the food bank’s 5.5 acre farm and our 2,500 apple tree orchard. Her days range from working in the dirt on the farm, to filing paperwork in her office, to supervising volunteers, to mentoring GRUB kids. Jenifer has a BA in Sociology from Texas Tech, but finds her experiences as a mother and grandmother most beneficial for her role on the farm. In her off hours, Jenifer enjoys reading, home gardening, walking her mostly Border Collie, Chloe, and cooking.






IMG_7614-1                                Jaime Todd - Food Resource Coordinator

Lubbock native Jaime Todd joined the SPFB team in October 2017 and his main focus is on developing and sustaining strong partnerships and relationships with our food product donors. Having experienced food-insecurity himself at times in his life, Jaime is passionate about doing everything to help bring in and distribute as much food  and impact as many lives as possible in Lubbock and the surrounding communities. He especially is mindful of the needs of children and the elderly in our area. “I am humbled and feel privileged to be part of the South Plains Food Bank and be able to make a difference where and when we can. It makes a nice pillow to lay my head down on each night.”