The Board of Directors passionately upholds the mission of the South Plains Food Bank. As a board, we support the core values of the food bank to end hunger, give hope and enrich lives. These values have guided our board and our organization for over thirty years. We are proud to play a part in working to create a hunger-free community.

Board Chair

Gary McCoy

Board Chair Elect

Justin Fleming

Governance Committee Chair and Board Secretary

Shelley Harp

Finance Committee Chair and Board Treasurer

Rick Cohen

Operations Committee Chair

Russell Dabbs

FOG Committee Chair

Jessica Caroom

Food Bank Committee Chair

Russell Dabbs

Immediate Past Board Chair

Charles Key

Children's Feeding Programs Committee Chair

David Rhodes

Development Committee Chair

Emie Young

U Can Share Committee Chair

Justin Fleming

Board Members:

Cheryl Barnes

Jack Becker

Brett Bell

Bob Bellah

Lou Ann Bergstein

Cal Brints

Billie Caviel


* Emeritus Member

Donna Chandler

Tony Crumpton*

Anna Delano

Bob Ewalt*

Jessicka Gonzales

Carolyn Jones

Benton Kastman

Michael McCauley

Audrey McCool*

Chele McVay

Lon Miller*

Connie Nicholson*

Tony Penã

Abie Rampy

Margaret Randle

Eddie Schulz

Laura Sidner

Genia Tillinghast

Rose Wilson*

Skipper Wood