Rates of food insecurity among rural households are generally lower than urban households, but slightly higher than the national average. The irony is that many of these food-insecure households are in the very rural and farm communities whose productivity feeds the world and provides low-cost wholesome food for American consumers. According to Feeding America, 52% of counties with the highest rates of food insecurity are in rural areas. Rural areas also account for 59% of counties with the highest rates of child food insecurity.

To combat this in our area, the South Plains Food Bank has a Mobile Pantry program. Our Mobile Pantry partners with agencies in 19 of the 20 counties we serve and deliver our food boxes to our most rural locations. Our partnerships allows the Food Bank to address the areas of need and is making an impact in the lives of the food-insecure in these communities.

A list of cities served by our Mobile Pantry can be found here.

To find out more about our Mobile Pantry program, call us at 806-763-3003 or email [email protected]