At the South Plains Food Bank we fulfill our mission of ending hunger, giving hope and enriching lives through our three main programs: Children’s Feeding, Mobile Pantry and our Farm, Orchard, and GRUB.

Program-Children’s Feeding

Nearly 30,000 children are food-insecure across the South Plains. Our Children’s Feeding Programs reach thousands of kids during the school year and summer to ensure every child goes to bed with a full belly.

Program-Mobile Pantry

The SPFB serves 20 different counties. To reach our entire community, the Mobile Pantry was created. Food boxes that are handed out at the food bank are loaded up into our trucks and delivered to our rural communities. We make sure every family in our service area has food in their homes.

The F.O.G. programs help us provide fresh produce for all of the families that we serve by planting, growing and harvesting thousands of pounds of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Growing Recruits for Urban Businesses, or GRUB, allows the youth of the community to work on the farm while also providing educational and life-skill opportunities.